Must-Haves For Your Home Office

Grey home office interior

Whether you’ve been working from home for the last two years or are starting a new work-from-home gig, you won’t want to miss these great must-haves for your home office. You’ll be more comfortable, productive, and focused.

Indoor Plants
An office space laden with indoor plants can increase your oxygen levels and mental focus. Not only do plants offer brain benefits, but they brighten any room and bring a bit of cheer.

Office Chair
The quality of your office chair is just as important as the quality of your mattress. Not just any generic, cheap chair will do. Your chair should be ergonomic and comfortable, offering ample lumbar support as well as height adjustment.

Under Desk Exerciser
It can be a struggle to get your steps in with a busy work week and even harder to get to the gym. Under-desk exercisers come in several designs, from ellipticals to bike pedals to walking pads; you can get your workout in while meeting your deadlines!

Sit-stand desk
Sitting for hours at a time has been shown to have severe and long-lasting effects on health. A sit-stand desk gives you more options for your optimal comfort. Transitioning from the sitting position to standing is as easy as lifting a pedal.

LED Backlighting
Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can cause eyestrain and headaches. Attaching an LED strip to the back of your monitor can help ease that strain on your eyes and makes long work hours less stress-inducing.

Blue-Blocker Glasses
Blue light has been shown to negatively affect sleep cycles. Blue light blocking glasses are specifically designed to filter out the blue light emitted by your electronic devices like phones, tablets, TVs, and computer screens. You should wear these glasses for at least two hours before bed. If you work late into the night, these will be the perfect addition to help you fall asleep easier.

A quality footrest offers support and comfort and can even support proper posture. If your office chair is just a little too high for you to rest your feet comfortably, you’ll need the added support to ensure proper circulation of your legs and a supported posture.

Wrist Rests
Typing at a computer full-time for years on end can result in carpal tunnel syndrome and stress injuries. Giving your wrists ample support can prevent long-term injury and pain. You will want a wrist rest for your keyboard as well as for your mousepad.

Ring Light
Working from home may entail more than a few Zoom meetings. Using a ring light can give you a more professional and pleasing appearance on screen.

Noise-Blocking Machine
White noise and noise-blocking machines can help keep your workspace private and block out the noise and chaos of a full house. Keep your calls and meetings on point and invest in one of these handy little gadgets.