100PCS Sewing Machine Needles, Universal Sewing Machine Needle for Singer, Brother, Janome, Varmax, Needles for Sewing…


【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】Made of high quality unadulterated iron alloy, sharp smooth, wear-resistant and not easy to bend each universal embroidery sewing machine needle, polished repeatedly before leaving the factory, the sewing machine needle you receive, sharp sharp and easy to penetrate the fabric, not easy to skip the needle.
【SAFETY SORTING】Each model of household sewing machine needle comes with a corresponding storage tube to prevent it from dropping, which makes it easy to store and remove, and the storage tube shows the model number in HD, allowing us to find the needed model more accurately and quickly. Solve the trouble of no longer needing a magnifying glass to find the model number of your sewing machine needle!
【VARIOUS MODELS】The sewing machine needle box contains 5 models with 20 needles each in different sizes. Model 9: for thin fabrics (such as yarn); Model 11: for medium-thin fabrics (such as shirts, satin); Model 14: for ordinary fabrics (such as windbreakers); Model 16: for thick fabrics (such as jeans); Model 18: for thicker fabrics (such as thick coats) to meet your sewing needs.

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