CH HAICHENG Acrylic Keychain Blanks, 128 PCS Keychain Kit with 32pcs Acrylic Blanks, 32pcs Keychains Tassels, 32pcs Key…


Package Includes: Acrylic blank kit come with 36 pcs round acrylic keychain blanks, 36 pcs key rings with extension chain, 36 pcs multi-colored keychain tassels and 36 pcs of jump rings.
High Quality Materials: Acrylic keychain blanks are made of thick premium acrylic, you can use them easily without worrying about any cracks.
Transparent Protective Film: All clear acrylic circle discs are covered with protective film on both sides. When you are ready to use the acrylic blanks, you can get a clear circle blank just tear the film off slowly.

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