Apex Medical Domus 3 – 5″ Low Air Loss Alternating Overlay Pressure Mattress- Pressure Ulcers Prevention – Variable Pressure Pump System- Fits Hospital Beds


[Low Air Loss] Air cells 3~11 are ventilated to wick moisture & heat away from mattress to keep patient comfortable. Each of 17, 5″ air cells can be easily removed and replaced.
[Dual Therapy & Customizable Firmness]: Domus 3 offers 2 therapy modes to fulfill individual needs. Alternating mode for pressure redistribution and static mode to form a constant stable surface for general use. Variable pressure setting with weight indicator to adjust the firmness based on patient weight and personal preference.
[Simple, Quiet & Easy to Setup]: The mattress and pump system is simple to use and easy to be installed over hospital or your home beds. The compact Pump working noise level ≦ 30dB(A) to ensure a restful sleep.

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