Apex Medical Serene Elite- 36″ Width Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Mattress with Powerful Digital Pump -4 Cycle Time Options- Pressure Ulcer Prevention- Fits Hospital Bed


[5 Modes to Fulfill Your Needs] Serene Elite is designed for patients in high risk of pressure injuries, it offers 5 therapy modes including Max Firm to create firm static surface for nursing procedures, Alternating Mode with four cycle Time: 10, 15, 20, 25 Minutes for pressure redistribution, Continuous Low Pressure (CLP) to achieve body immersion & envelopment for optimal comfort of loved ones, Seat Inflation with Alternating/CLP to increase protection on sacrum area in sitting position.
[Nylon/TPU Bladder with Cell-on Cell Design] Each of 20, 8” air cells is constructed by Nylon/TPU that is soft, lightweight. The bottom cells act as basic pressure support to avoid bottoming out in case of power failure. Air cells 3~11 are ventilated to wick moisture & heat away from mattress to keep patient comfortable.
[Simple, Quiet & Extreme Comfort] Intuitive digital pump allows easy setup and daily usage. Nylon/PU Cover features high level of comfort, along with vapor permeable, water resistant and basic flame retardant level.

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