LAMXD Knit Blocking Pins Kit,Knit Blocking Combs – Set of 25 Combs for Blocking Knitting, Crochet, Lace or Needlework…


Real time saver for blocking your knits – Whether you are blocking a swatch of knitting or your crochet baby blanket, your handiwork will stay taut, shaped and firmly in place! Our Knit Blocking Combs Set has combs with 8 or 4 pins so attaching the knit to the blocking mat or board is that much easier and quicker. Blocking with this set is actually enjoyable!
Combs set including:13*8-pin blockers,12*4-pin blockers,100*T-pins,1*tape measure,in Compact Plastic Box.
Designed to match the LAMXD Blocking Mats for knitting – Our Knit blocking Combs set was specifically designed for ideal fit with our foam puzzle blocking board for knitting set which has either an inches grid or a centimeters grid. The thickness of the LAMXD mats will ensure that while using the combs and t-pins to block your project you will not scratch your table.

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