Leawell Electronic Acupuncture Pens Rechargable Pain Relief Therapy Electric Meridian Massage Pen Acupuncture Needle…


【EASY TO USE】Simply press the acupuncture pen massage tools on the affected area, and it will release a proper pulse to the meridian and make you comfortable. simple massage on your muscles will be very helpful when it comes to constant pain.please find the pionts correctly before you start treatment.Because of the stratum corneum and high impedance of the skin ,if you can’t find the points with this pen you can do physiotherapy in accordance with the health-care acupuncture point map.
【2 MASSAGE HEAD】: Electronic acupuncture pen have 2 probe:the big one is for body,the small one is for ear, head & face.When you feel numbness or tingling when using,please use Gel or body lotion to increase skin moisture.According to the correct posture of holding a pen, the part between thumb and index finger closely fits the conducting strip, and the upright probe fully contacts human skin with a little force.
【10 ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY & ADJUSTABLE SENSITIVITY】The acupuncture pen with sound signal ,the display screen when locating acupuncture point.The strength can be adjusted according to personal sense of different body parts, and it is appropriate to adjust to the comfort.There are multiple levels that can adjust the sensitivity of detecting acupuncture points. ⚠️The start button shall be always pressed and hold during physiotherapy and adjust the intensity.

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