Mekeran Knee Massager with Infrared Heated and Vibration, Large LED Screen Joint Warmer Massage for Reduces Knee…


Vibration massage: the leg massager has independent vibration and massage functions, a powerful vibration mechanism, which can massage comfortably and relieve joint and muscle tension. it has three gears: automatic, low-grade, and high-grade, which can be adjusted freely according to your own conditions.
Quick warming: Hot compress to warm the knees. The knee heating massager has 3 temperature adjustments, low-grade 40°c, mid-range 42°c, high-grade 45°c, heat energy penetrates the skin, accelerates blood circulation, dredges the meridians, and keeps the knees away from dampness and cold.
Knee massager: built-in 11 infrared lights, directly to the inner knee, can effectively purify the impurities in body fluids and blood, make blood flow faster, alleviate knee discomfort, and bid farewell to knee pain.

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