QUINEAR Foot Stimulator, EMS Foot Massager and Electronic Stimulator with TENS Unit Pads for Leg Swellen, Diabetic Nerve…


QUINEAR FOOT CIRCULATION STIMULATOR -This foot massager machine have two systems. One is for foot stimulator, the other is for body stimulator. Body stimulator include 4 TENS electrode pads, which can reach and help to relieve pain over 20 different body parts. The two stimulation systems can be used together, also can be used separately. It help to improve blood circulation, relieving neuropathy, reduce swollen feet and legs.
EMS & TENS FOOT MASSAGER WITHOUT NOISE – QUINEAR foot circulation massager is a electrical foot muscle stimulator without noise and vibrating and it combines EMS and TENS: EMS sends electronic signals into the feet and it recovers your muscles,TENS uses 2 electronic pads that you can attach to your legs,arms,shoulders,neck, etc.
2 CHANNELS+10 WAVEFORM MODES+99 INTENSITY LEVELS+HEATING FUNCTION – This Electronic Stimulator is dual stimulation channels, both two channels are with 0-99 intensity levels, besides, there are 10 waveform massage modes adjustable, offer a variety of massage experience, just choose a setting that works best for you. Its also provide soothing Heating function for you and it can be separate control.

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