Ruidi 13 Pairs of Interchangeable Matte Gold Circular Knitting Needles


13 pairs of 4 inch (10 cm) aluminum matte gold circular knitting needles, 4 cables of different lengths (32 cm, 38 cm, 42.5 cm, 55 cm), 1 black ruler, 2 non-release round balls, 4 needle holders, 2 cable keys, 2 couplers, 1 non-slip mat, 15 marker clasps (random colors), 1 leather bag
The knitting needles are made of lightweight aluminum with an oxidized finish, making them rust-free and durable. They have a leather carry bag for easy carrying
These knits are smooth and durable with no rough edges and can be easily passed through knitting needles. They come in different sizes and are clearly engraved on the surface of the knitting needles so you can easily distinguish their sizes and they won’t rub off.

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